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Asset Digitization

Digitization of Asset Management

Digitization of physical assets is the process of creating a digital equivalent or exact copy of an asset, be that a physical asset like a mining site with equipment or a drawing plan on plain paper. These digital copies get the properties of the underlying assets embedded into the meta data using a multitude of custom processes.

3D laser scanners, UAV Drones, photogrammetry hardware and multiple software packages are used to create digital representations of the physical asset. For example, photogrammetric images and 3D laser scans can be carried out as part of a measurement campaign for the three-dimensional recording of buildings.

The local measurement data can be collected by laser scanning campaigns, UAV flights and terrestrial image sets.

Asset Digitization Outputs

3D Laser scanning - Output Icon

3D Laser scanning, this gives you a sub millimetre 3D point cloud of your asset and is the perfect solution when extreme accuracy is required. 3D laser scanning can be used to capture real world information. Common uses are: As-built survey, reality capture or existing conditions survey. Construction verification, sequencing, scheduling and simulations.

Aerial UAV Surveys - Output Icon

UAV surveys, this survey is utilized either when an asset is not easily accessible to humans or when the area is extremely vast, like a land survey or stockpiles. The UAV image set is processed through photogrammetry software where all the images are stitched together to create one single project that can be utilized to get measurements and visuals of your asset.

Visual Inspections - Output Icon

Visual Inspections, sometimes it is not all about the measurability of an object but more about visualizing your asset, complete a virtual walkthrough of your plant or site from a boardroom anywhere in the world. Utilizing 360° Cameras, UAVs and multiple additional data capturing devices.

Health and safety is of the highest importance to TTSCD and that lead us to developing virtual tours of assets, allowing streamlined decision making, reduced HSE exposure and cost savings, by reducing the amount of contractors of site

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Output Icon

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is another technology used in digitization. It extracts text from scanned image texts and handwritten documents, allowing for the conversion of scanned images into editable and searchable text. The process involves scanning a document or image containing text, which can be either a physical document or a digital file. Once all pages are copied, the OCR software converts the document into a two-colour or black-and-white version. OCR technology works by storing fonts and text image patterns as templates in a database, enabling the organization of large data sets into a single usable database.

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